"Inventory Control and Finance"

  Functional Modules


  • The ledger will offer you greater efficiency and drive productivity.
  • Centralized data enables decision makers to make informed decisions that speak clearly from your firm’s financials.
  • Your ledger will maintain data integrity and even streamline financial reporting routines, which are customizable by user.
  • Your firm can operate with greater transparency and less confusion.
  • Rich functionality for complex enterprise management, including: production, warehousing, sales, finance, project and service management, etc
  • Un-limited User license
  • Dynamic development - your system will always follow the current market trends because FALCON ERP can be updated to its latest version without any additional cost
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Detailed online help documentation
  • Scalability - the system does not lose efficiency, even when its complexity

  Our Key Capabilities

  • Powerful Reporting Tools and Analyses.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Flexible and Adaptable
  • Powerful Reporting Tools and Analyses.
  • Comprehensive Functionality


  • Standardize and speed up manufacturing processes.
  • Integrate customer order information.
  • Integrate financial information .
  • Run on Single Solution.
  • Reduce Costs , Reduce inventory, Increase Revenue.
  • Improve Customer Relationships, Improve Efficiency.
  • Access Local Support
  • Be Alert to Critical Information
  • Standardize HR information
  • Make Updates quickly and easily
  • Information can accessible to a user anywhere in the world
  • Lower costs
  • Linking branches, factory, sales, purchase, delivery, supply chain management spread across different geographical location at real time.
  • Uniform monitoring system for customer, suppliers, vendors and partners.
  • Managing organized and streamlined business process - purchase, sales, Inventory, billing, production, receipt, payment, HR and Exports.
  • Accessing daily report without depending on anyone.
  • Ensuring that everyone in the organization is responsible and accountable.

Sales Management

Facilities the management of all stages of the organizational sales activities from the offers to order, from the delivery notes to the invoice and credit notes. Manage your sales flow completely and effectively, from receiving orders from your customers to invoicing them. The below mention points show in detail the complete workflow of the Sales module, its various functions and components

FALCON ERP sales and distribution management helps organizations to maximize the effectiveness of sales team and increase revenue.

  • We manage your sales processes efficiently and effortlessly
  • Manage the complete sales order life cycle, as well as all post-sales activities
  • Motivate your sales force by offering sales commissions, profit sharing and bonuses.
  • Improve service delivery by tracking time spent on services and analyzing profitability
  • Drive sales by facilitating customer engagement across all sales channels
  • Provide detailed information and advanced statistical analysis of sales process
  • Reduce cycle time to process orders
  • Eliminate order processing errors
  • Improve sales, service and marketing effectiveness
  • Efficient management of complex sales processes
  • Target setting for executives
  • Tracking delivery schedule
  • Order tracking through status and transaction reports
  • Tracking sales return
  • Flexibility to define customer- specific prices for products
  • MIS for analyzing sales trends to project and forecast sales.
  • Assign sales force, track levels and activity of the sales within your business
  • Map sales records to individual to create better clarity for your sales team and your managers
  • Sales activity mapped with inventory provides you forecasting benefits and revenue optimization
  • Effective reports and robust operation modules ensures, all your sales force activity account for productivity and profitability.
  • Handles pre-sales and sales activities of the organization
  • Complete stock-to-dock tracking of sales order processing cycle
  • Variance reports
  • Sales Enquiry and Send Quotation
    - Record details of enquiries placed by your customers and quotations submitted based on enquiries. You can also cancel enquiries and quotes either fully or partly.
  • Sales Order Acceptance
    - To enhance customer service through fast, efficient order processing and accurate, timely order fulfillment, while maximizing sales through instant access to information about stock availability, prices and possible substitutions
    • Manage your customer orders.
    • Record details of product orders along with delivery dates
    • Terms and Conditions
    • Delivery address
    • Advances paid by cash, cheque or PDC
    • You can record the orders with or without quotations.
    • Copy details from one order to another
    • Real-time credit checking
  • Goods Delivery Note
    • You can deliver stock to your customers based on the orders or without orders.
    • Deliver stock based on pending orders
    • Store delivery address
    • Deliver stock with different measurement units for product.
    • Record details of free items delivered
  • Delivery Returns
    Record the details of stock returned to you by your customers in case of damage, exchange etc. You can store information of the stocks returned with or with reference of a delivery note.
  • Credit Sales
    • Enter customer invoices with or without orders/deliveries. You may also directly enter an invoice without orders or deliveries.
    • Enter Invoices made at a particular branch/location
    • Invoice against pending orders or delivered stock
    • Know previous sales history of products
    • Receive amount from your customer by cash, cheque or PDC
    • Adjust pending bills
    • FALCON ERP automatically posts values to respective ledger accounts and creates a receivable.
    • In the Credit Invoice, option to control customer credit limit and credit days
  • Sale Returns
    Record the details of stock returned to you by your customers in case of damage, exchange etc. You can store information of the stocks returned with or with reference of a sale invoice.
  • Sales Reports
    Sales Register, Sales Return Report, Sales Order Delivery Report, Account Receivable Report, Outstanding Party wise ageing summary report, Product wise Party Wise Sales Report, invoice wise profitability report etc.