"Project Management System"


FALCON ERP Project Management is a completely integrated construction management and accounting system designed to grow your company. In today’s fast paced environment, you have to respond quickly to rising costs, activity at the job site or changes in the marketplace. FALCON ERP Project Management gives you accurate information that you need to manage your business more efficiently.

FALCON ERP Project Management software is a modular solution that helps simplify project planning, tracking, accounting, expense tracking, enterprise resource / capacity planning, time and billing and many more. Our solution enables project managers and team members to maintain current and accurate project status at all times, allowing managers to actively identify and resolve potential threats to the success of each and every engagement. FALCON ERP Project Management software gives you real-time access to all of your project information. The result is a significantly improved project completion record, more satisfied clients and reduced non-billable work.

  • Deliver complete visibility and control.
  • With our solution, you can see, monitor and manage project status anytime, anywhere.
  • We makes your project planning and management quicker and easier.
  • With FALCON ERP Project Management you can quickly get real-time information on costs, expenses, revenue, profits, project status, schedules and issues, ensuring successful project management planning and delivery.

Powerful and Easy to Use

FALCON ERP Project Management is a complete job cost and financial control system designed for the construction industry. It provides all the information you need about each job’s contracts, labor and material costs, subcontractors’ performance and cash position. Plus, it offers you greater flexibility in how you use that information to make critical business decisions. There is variety of reports available throughout the system that can be viewed on-screen or exported to Excel and PDF formats. Reports can be tailored to show the data critical to your decision making process based on criteria you select.

FALCON ERP Project Management allows you to control every aspect of each job and efficiently manage your business. Since your valuable company information is maintained in an industry-standard database structure, it is easy to access and satisfy the specialized needs of your company. FALCON ERP Project Management utilizes MySQL Server, an open database architecture, providing a very open exchange of information between modules within the system, as well as between FALCON ERP Project Management and other applications you’re used to using like Excel. Entering and exporting data is simple and you can easily turn your valuable data into profitable decisions.

Executive Access/Reporting

Executive inquiries let you examine your jobs and company costs in summary or detail. Quickly “step-down” to increasing levels of detail, all the way to individual historical transactions. FALCON ERP Project Management keeps a complete history of every transaction for every job, for the life of the job, allowing you to track the data driving each decision or result.

Designed for Company-Wide Use.

FALCON ERP Project Management can be accessed by project managers, estimators, accounting personnel and owners to obtain information for effective decision-making. Additionally, job-level security is available to limit access to information per your specifications. As your business grows so does FALCON ERP Project Management, computers can be networked to access your business information, which is stored in one central location.

Cost management.

FALCON ERP Project Management embraces all of the business processes associated with the capture and management of project cost information. By capturing information at source, FALCON ERP Project Management proactively monitors committed, accrued and actual costs for all Labour, Material, Subcontract and Other resources. Offering powerful drill down and reporting capabilities FALCON ERP Project Management allows you to ‘slice and dice’ project cost data according to you and your clients needs. Information can be interrogated by project specific activities, resources, transactions or traditional financial coding structures, whilst also offering comparison with estimates and budgets enabling you to take action to maximise revenues and reduce costs.

Accurately Measure Job Progress

Based upon information you enter, the system automatically calculates percentage complete, cost to complete and projected cost at completion for each cost breakdown. You can view cost, cash and contract status of a job through the Status button on the income and Cost Summary tab of the Job Cost application. Manage the complete customer relationship by tracking the original contract, each change order and all invoices and payments against the contract to provide comprehensive reporting. Contract retention amounts are also tracked, reflecting amounts billed to and paid by the customer. Charge out the use of your heavy equipment to the job and track its usage hours. By keeping track of equipment use and repair, unexpected downtime can be prevented, and as a result, jobs can be completed on schedule.

Improve Your Estimating

FALCON ERP Project Management allows you to track actual job costs and performance against your estimates at a detailed level. Estimates can be imported directly into FALCON ERP Project Management from a variety of sources, saving time and improving accuracy in setting up new jobs.

Project and Job Costing Capabilities

  • Assign staff, material, subcontractors, equipment, miscellaneous items, and overhead to each project within the contract
  • Set up complex estimates by specifying the quantity (e.g., hours), unit cost, and billing rate (for time-and-materials projects) for each staff member, material (inventory item), subcontractor, equipment, miscellaneous item, and overhead expense allocated to the project. Assign cost categories and automatically calculate cost and revenue estimates per cost category, or simply define the cost and revenue estimates for each project category.
  • Manage contracts or jobs to three levels - contract (job), project (phase), and category.
  • Maintain multiple projects or phases within each contract and track multiple categories within each project.
  • Maintain multiple contracts or jobs per customer.
  • Choose from total cost percentage complete, category cost percentage complete, labor hours percentage complete, billings and costs, project percentage complete, completed project, or accrual-basis.
  • Assign each category to one of six cost types (labor, material, equipment, miscellaneous, overhead, and subcontractor) to track costs at a level necessary for your company.
  • Assign as many as seven progress status categories to each contract and project. Choose from estimate, approved, open, on hold, inactive, complete, and closed.
  • Close a project to billings and /or costs at any time.
  • Allocate overhead and labor burden to each category.
  • Specify whether each transaction is billable, non-billable, or no charge.
  • Track, calculate, and automatically retain a portion of an invoice to handle common billing practices in the construction industry.
  • Create the customer's invoice based on the transactions that are due to be billed. Review the generated billings for the customer and make necessary changes before updating the Accounts Receivable module.
  • Transfer inventory items to a contract, project, and category and bill the customer for the inventory used.
  • Return inventory items not used in the project to inventory for availability on other projects.
  • As equipment is used within a project, record the cost and billing rate (for time-and-material projects) of the equipment so you can bill the customer for usage.
  • Easily have employees manage their time and billing records from any location (on site or at the office) by entering timecards.
  • Record miscellaneous charges such as service fees.
  • Update revenue and cost estimates at any time with a full audit of the changes.
  • Review the current state of each of the projects through the centralized enquiry capabilities. Review the project status, profitability, and estimate-to-actual comparisons.
  • Drill down to the originating transactions.

FALCON ERP Project Management is a complete project management, costing, revenue recognition and control system. This software module gives you complete control over commitment and change order management. Enter subcontracts and purchase orders directly into Job Cost. Then track them against invoices for total control of committed costs. Manage every step of the change order process, from pending through approval, to ensure change order profitability. Your project information is always up to date and real time.