"Property Management System"

FALCON ERP Property Management System

FALCON ERP Property Management Solutions provides a family of products for professional property managers, association management companies and self-managed associations. They combine a desktop application. Integrated accounting and property management reporting functions form the backbone of a feature-rich, affordable, easy-to-use product line.

Whether you're a property owner, fee manager, developer, or you manage real estate some other way, you know the lease terms are all different, the spaces vary, and each of your tenants is unique. FALCON ERP Property Management software offers improved communications, flexible lease management, and the ability to manage a wide variety of properties.

Your source for lease management and accounts receivable processing, this core real estate management software features a unique data structure that puts the lease document at the foundation of your processes. The result is software flexible enough to accommodate virtually any lease agreement, including multiple leases per tenant, multiple units per lease, and multiple tenants per lease.

FALCON ERP Property Management provides complete solutions within three fundamental areas to support your::

  • Real Estate Business – Sales
  • Leasing
  • Property Management.

Sales:FALCON ERP Property Management software gives you the power to organize information and listings, automate sales processes and expand your client base on one platform.

Leasing:It allows for effective and easy storage and retrieval of information on contracts, properties and people for you and your team of agents.

Property Management:Use this tool to coordinate work orders or tend to tenant suggestions. FALCON ERP Property Management makes property management is easy walk .

Auto alerts

FALCON ERP Property Management enables you to manage critical reminders and notifications and to attach documents and templates. Automatic alerts are sent to respective parties with appropriate lead-time to ensure timely action.

Easy tenant management

Improve tenant relations with FALCON ERP Property Management. Tend to tenant suggestions and requests effectively and efficiently. What's more, FALCON ERP Property Management comes complete with reminders and auto-correspondence features that keep you updated on pending issues.

Monitor building assets and maintenance works

Give your property managers complete oversight of all maintenance works underway in your properties. Review details of maintenance works and warranties, and track and examine work orders and job requests without ever having to be on site. In addition, FALCON ERP Property Management allows you to enact a set of alarms that will alert you to any inconsistencies that arise.

Full property, owner and tenant accounting

Full bank, property and tenant accounting as well as owner accounting, to keep your record keeping simple and accurate. Easy tab based navigation to switch between your properties, tenants, and other accounts.

Enter and track your own work orders and tenants

Manage other recurring transactions such as: utility billing, landscaping or supplemental fees you may charge your tenants and let the software automatically generate the charges whether you're at a computer or not.Many management reports to show property performance, then quickly email those reports in PDF to owners.