"Inventory Control and Finance"

  Functional Modules

  Our Key Capabilities

  • Powerful Reporting Tools and Analyses.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Flexible and Adaptable
  • Powerful Reporting Tools and Analyses.
  • Comprehensive Functionality


  • Standardize and speed up manufacturing processes.
  • Integrate customer order information.
  • Integrate financial information .
  • Run on Single Solution.
  • Reduce Costs , Reduce inventory, Increase Revenue.
  • Improve Customer Relationships, Improve Efficiency.
  • Access Local Support
  • Be Alert to Critical Information
  • Standardize HR information
  • Make Updates quickly and easily
  • Information can accessible to a user anywhere in the world
  • Lower costs
  • Linking branches, factory, sales, purchase, delivery, supply chain management spread across different geographical location at real time.
  • Uniform monitoring system for customer, suppliers, vendors and partners.
  • Managing organized and streamlined business process - purchase, sales, Inventory, billing, production, receipt, payment, HR and Exports.
  • Accessing daily report without depending on anyone.
  • Ensuring that everyone in the organization is responsible and accountable.

Falcon Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) Software

FALCON ERP software can help your organization transform its finance and accounting operations into a cost-effective, strategic business asset through proven technologies and service options that align with your business needs and support your goals. We provide business accounting software, focused on such functions as Financial Accounting, Inventory Management, Manufacturing, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resources, Fixed Asset Management, and Project Management as well as provide industry-specific applications for customers in fields of construction, distribution, retail, contracting and manufacturing industry.

FALCON ERP is configurable resource planning software for all business. It streamlines all workflow processes and provides you an interactive interface through which you can monitor your entire business, at click of buttons.

FALCON ERP applications cover all enterprise operations: Financial, Commercial operation combined with sales automation, Manufacturing as well as Service Rendering. The enterprise may choose between full or gradual coverage of its functions and operations. Installation of modules at a later date will not result in any disruption of the proper system operation. The system implementation is concluded methodically, with absolutely controlled results, directly related to the enterprise own requirements for integration of its IT systems.

If your company is interested in enhancing and improving every day work, improve efficiency control or you need to plan and forecast the results of future actions by using FALCON ERP, you may increase the overall profitability of your company and attain results such as:

  • Identify, decrease and control operating expenses
  • Control and improve cash flow
  • Decrease open credit balances
  • Locate and control all financial transactions
  • Create and utilize demanding financial analyses
  • Improve customer relations
  • Expand customer and vendor base
  • Decrease stock value
  • Purchase merchandise / raw materials at the lowest possible cost.
  • Improve business processes within your company by automatic creation of all necessary documents
  • Plan and forecast utilization of your resources and inventory
  • Provide your enterprise with a full-scale accounting system
  • Manage your warehouses efficiently
  • Make decisions, which will be the most advantageous for your business - with a help of advanced reports, created by Business Intelligence module, you will have no doubts which strategy to adopt
  • Pre-configured modules ensure quick and easy implementation
  • Multi-currency and multi-location features connect you with your customers and partners, across the globe.
  • Modules and system hierarchy can be easily scaled to meet future business requirements
  • Supports smooth migration of your legacy applications
  • Highly secure user authorization and management mechanism
  • Interactive dashboard with real time reporting features. Provision to customize reports according to needs of the end-user
  • Powerful and informative reporting system, with facility to export reports to authorized users in any format.

FALCON ERP centralizes all of your organization’s core financial data and enables you to take advantage of global opportunities.


  • The ledger will offer you greater efficiency and drive productivity.
  • Centralized data enables decision makers to make informed decisions that speak clearly from your firm’s financials.
  • Your ledger will maintain data integrity and even streamline financial reporting routines, which are customizable by user.
  • Your firm can operate with greater transparency and less confusion.
  • Rich functionality for complex enterprise management, including: production, warehousing, sales, finance, project and service management, etc
  • Un-limited User license
  • Dynamic development - your system will always follow the current market trends because FALCON ERP can be updated to its latest version without any additional cost
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Detailed online help documentation
  • Scalability - the system does not lose efficiency, even when its complexity