"Customer Relationship Management"

Customer Relationship Management System

Scalable, Flexible, Customizable, and the Most Robust

Optimize Sales and Marketing Efforts with FALCON CRM Software

To stay competitive, you need to manage leads, attract prospects through marketing promotions, amplify sales from existing clients, as well as deliver personal customer service to each one of your clients in a natural way. FALCON CRM Software gives your sales, marketing, and service teams the insight and intuitive tools they need to engage your customers anytime.

We understand your specialty business and your unique needs. For almost 18 years,FALCON ERP has been a leader in the business management software industry by continuing to innovate, update, and deliver the tools you need to run your business. When you use our software for your sales and marketing management, integrated with our business management software, your company will become more efficient and more productive by giving you insight across all of your business’ processes with an interactive CRM system. Your completely integrated solution will exceed all of your accounting, manufacturing, distribution and complete ERP needs and everything in between.

  • Lead Management
  • Customer & Contact Management
  • Marketing Lists
  • Sales Opportunity & Activity Management
  • Sales order Management
  • Customer Service
  • Help Desk & Technical Support
  • Case Tracking & Management
  • Credit, Receivables & Collections
  • History, Reporting, Forecasting Analysis

Real-Time Customer Relationship Management:

You can easily provide the entire company with a complete view of the customer, and gain a deeper insight into customer metrics, as well as act on leads critical to your business.

You gain complete flexibility to manage your customers the way you want. With FALCON CRM you can:

  • Improve sales and marketing through reporting and analysis
  • Reduce errors and improve information flow with integration to ERP and accounting applications
  • Manage the complete sales cycle
  • Manage campaigns, dates, costs, and responses
  • Access open invoices, sales history, and other customer metrics to gain a complete view of your customers
  • Maintain contact names and methods

Staying informed is critical to success in your industry. Your access to vital business and customer information whenever and however you want it is assured with FALCON ERP software.


  • Gain real-time and accurate visibility into pipeline and forecasts
  • Boost sales efficiency by effectively collaborating with team selling.
  • Monitor sales team performance against quotas based on real-time invoices and cash sales collected by your accounting team.
  • Increase the value of your customer relationships with a true 360-degree view of the customer, including all sales interactions, support cases, and financial transactions.
  • Accelerate the customer lifecycle from lead to opportunity to order to cash.
  • Let sales reps generate their own quotes and book orders, with real-time visibility into back-office data.
  • Provide deep insights into activity and business performance through real-time dashboards.

Key Features

Customer Service Management

FALCON CRM gives everyone that interfaces with the customer—sales, support, service and fulfillment access to complete, key customer data in real time. FALCON CRM's 360-degree view of your customers gives your service and support reps better visibility into customer issues and empowers them up sell and cross-sell to drive more business. In addition, it helps you assign, track and escalate cases to serve customers more quickly and efficiently.

FALCON CRM assist customers with confidence knowing all the required information is at your fingertips and Minimize risk & maximize cash flow with powerful credit management tools.