"Inventory Control and Finance"

  Functional Modules

FALCON ERP Intercompany Transactions

FALCON ERP Interbranch Transactions module lets you enter General Ledger and Inventory transactions that affect more than one company by automatically distributing transactions across two or more companies.

In addition, its built-in flexibility automatically generates Interbranch account entries according to the tranasctions. Interbranch Transactions simplifies and significantly reduces the amount of work required for interbranch accounting.

Intercompany Tranasctions

  • Branch Requisitions.
  • Branch Transfer
  • Branch Receipt
  • Inter-Branch Journal Voucher
  • Inter-Branch Bank Changer Options
    • In Cheque Receipt
    • In Cheque Payments

Interbranch Transactions Capabilities

  • Process General Ledger journal entries and Inventory Transactions.
  • Automatically make account entries for intercompany transactions and distribute invoices to as many General Ledger accounts as required by defining distribution sets.
  • Enter transaction references and descriptions to provide a detailed audit trail for reconciliation purposes.
  • Print an intercompany account reconciliation report
  • FALCON ERP facilitates you to manage inter-branch transactions. You can effectively manage cash, bank or stocks transferred to your other branches. These transfers can be done fully or partly based on the requests made. Branches (divisions should be a separate section)
  • Branch Accounting in FALCON ERP enables you to manage financial and inventory transactions with respect to different branches and divisions.