Services and Support

Bring the right ERP solution to project-based companies worldwide. Project focus, flexibility, and ergonomics - from the ground up

Deliver optimal software to the project industry. Software that gives its customers a clear view of their projects, increases efficiency, and helps them deliver on time and on budget.

FALCON ERP is a leading Company that specializes in implementing ERP Systems across many industries, serving both the local and international markets. FALCON ERP brings a fresh and innovative approach to companies offering a variety of solutions to suite their individual business needs. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, thus optimizing their systems functionality by improving their operation efficiency, productivity and reporting standards.

As specialist in enterprise resource planning systems, our project team is involved with our clients every step of the way. Unlike some consulting firms, at FALCON ERP we possess experienced consultants at the highest level of professionalism.

In order to meet the individual needs of our clients, FALCON ERP maintains a wide range of experience and qualifications. We are continuously expanding upon our knowledge and services to assist our clients in successfully implementing ERP Systems across their multiple distribution centers throughout various locations. Exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry experience makes Platinum ERP your ideal choice for a consulting firm to manage an ERP & CRM implementation.

10 Reasons to choose us :

  • Not sales people, but Solution Providers
  • Options of products to choose from
  • Offer products and services that have been tried, tested and it works
  • Have a diversified client base including combined industry experience
  • Manage every business as our own ensuring your best interest at all times
  • Dedicated, committed and provide professional customer service
  • We will give you maximum benefit at the most competitive pricing
  • Measured Return on Investment
  • We will help you make the right decision
  • Service, the way it should be. Here Today, Here Tomorrow


The FALCON ERP technical support team assists in the resolution of specific technical issues, provided you are enrolled in the Open Systems Software Maintenance program, including software issues, database issues, software functional questions, installation questions, data conversion questions, and hardware/operating system compatibility issues.

FALCON ERP Support operates Saturday through Thursday, 8:00am to 4:30pm UAE time.


Our team has tailored and customized FALCON ERP specifically to ensure that ERP engagements comply with industry best practices .The FALCON ERP Development team is continuously enhancing the product to ensure that we keep you up to date with the latest technology and functionality. All development at FALCON ERP is guided by client feedback generated through focus groups, the support line and the sales process.

In addition to streamlining clients’ processes and eliminating cumbersome workarounds, we help them reduce redundancies in data entry and other efforts, establish uniform processes based on best business practices, and improve customer/constituent satisfaction, with improved on-time delivery and increased quality. We bring insight into organizational changes that occur as processes change helping your organization along a path to effectiveness and optimization.

Customizable Software

One of the most daunting prospects for most businesses is the idea of customizing their accounting and ERP application. Everyone has heard horror stories of the astronomical amount of effort required to maintain a custom system and the panic that ensures when a vendor ceases supporting a custom application. FALCON ERP software solutions allow you to easily create a customized version for your business.