"Consignment Management System"

FALCON ERP Consignment Management

FALCON ERP Consignment Management is an advanced software solution designed to track the consignments.

FALCON ERP Consignment Management software enables you to track each consignor's merchandise throughout the consignment cycle. When your associate enters the item into the store's database, and again when the item sells, the store's point-of-sale system records the consignor and item data. The completed sales transaction results in a change to the consignor’s inventory, and a time- and date-stamped transaction record provide a reliable backup for your records.

FALCON ERP Consignment Management understands what it takes to be successful in the consigned class of business.

Consignment Inventory tracking in FALCON ERP:

  • Consignment Purchase Order
  • Consignment Goods Receipt
  • Consignment Purchase Invoice
  • Consignment Purchase Return
  • Consignment Location Transfer
  • Consignment Stock Transfer
  • Detailed Dashboard


Having FALCON ERP Consignment Management gives an edge over tracking & answering supplier queries regarding the goods location & usage in a dynamic environment.

FALCON ERP Consignment Management ensures correct integration of, guaranteeing 360 degree view for all users.


  • Purchase Order Reports
  • Goods Receipt /Invoice reports.
  • Transfer Report
  • Consignment Sales Report
  • Consignment Stock Report (Supplier/Branch/Location)
  • Consignment Stock Movement