"Inventory Control and Finance"

  Functional Modules

Business Intelligence

To provide the ability to measure your business in today’s highly competitive environment through an intuitive analytical framework that builds and supports the key performance indicators of your business enabling proactive and strategic decision-making.

  • Creation of advanced reports representing the enterprise operation
  • Wide range of activities, including all areas of an enterprise
  • Supporting the decision-making process on all levels
  • Integration with other Business Intelligence systems
  • Scalable and customizable to meet specific requirements
  • Access large amounts of historical data for trend analysis or simply compare this year to last
  • Fast access to complex queries across all business functions
  • Analyze operational performance and monitor compliance
  • Manage sales performance and track trends in customer activity
  • Proactively measure product and reliability issues
  • Deliver key information in an effective, efficient way
  • Encourage interaction, analysis and exploration of key information