"Inventory Control and Finance"

  Functional Modules

Letter of Credit (LC) and Trust Receipt

Generation of letter of credit for exports and imports and it Streamline & Manage the Process.

Our solution centralizes Letter of Credit document preparation and distribution . The system generates necessary reports based on the originating Letter of Credit terms, avoiding inconsistencies.

Track your Letter of Credit payments and manage maturity dates and payment dates, amounts, currency, fees deducted, and accounts credited.

Set alerts to notify you of significant Letter of Credit events, such as new Letters of Credit, amendments, approvals, maturities, payments, delays, holds, expirations, latest shipment dates, and other exception events.

Reconcile your Letter of Credit data against critical supporting documents, including transport documents, invoices, packing lists, and others, to ensure low discrepancy rates at presentation.

Detailed and summary reporting is available through customizable Export Letter of Credit reports. Your reports can also be printed or downloaded to spreadsheet applications.