"Jewellery Management System"

FALCON ERP Jewellery Management

FALCON ERP Jewellery Management is dedicated to helping jewellery retailers better manage and grow their businesses. We are committed to the jewellery retailing industry, helping you to do more in less time, and better.

It is easy to use, easy to understand and user friendly. It offers a comprehensive solution for accounting, point of sales, inventory and manufacturing process needs of retail jewellers. It is generic and can be set up to suit specific business needs. It consists of specific modules taking care of Gold Jewellery, Silver Jewellery, Diamond Jewellery, Precious Stones, Loose Diamonds and Watches. FALCON ERP Jewellery Management is exhaustive yet flexible, thereby giving the freedom to setup transactions, forms and reports as per business process needs.

Over 18 years of development expertise gained in easy, efficient, and effective sales processing, stock, customer and supplier management, combined with industry driven market specific repair, lay-by, manufacturing and special order developments, makes FALCON ERP Jewellery Management based jewellery retailing software a world class solution of and representing great value.

FALCON ERP Jewellery Management makes markets and supports industry specific Point of Sale and back office software. Our experience 18 years in business, suite or software products, dedicated support; help you run a better business.


FALCON ERP Jewellery Management is a comprehensive ERP Application for Jewelry Retail Business.This is a desktop application, multi-tiered with cutting-edge technologies which helps to manage the complete end-to-end operation of a Jewelry Retail Organization and provides analytical information for management overview and decision. It has been developed in a completely modular manner like plug 'n play capability of different modules keeping in mind the different variable needs of the Jewellery Retail Industry.

The application stands apart for its user-friendly design to manage its extremely detailed ERP system in a very efficient and easy way. We have minimized complicated menu and traversals and implemented a unique pictorial dashboard driven approach that makes the software operation almost self-explanatory.

This software has been equipped with a very compelling and extensive Report Module. All possible information important for business analysis are produced as reports for better data visibility and future predictions. A lot of predefined report templates are present for quick and easy report generation. On top of that any level of customization is supported in Report Module to achieve the possibility to provide any type of information the Jewellery Retail Business could ever need.


FALCON ERP Jewellery Management is a combination of several separate functional modules designed on different business features. Each of these modules is customizable to core level and is responsible of providing the complete modular functionality of their corresponding business area. These modules are integrated together to fulfill the whole functionality of the Jewelry Retail Business. These modules can be separated out as and when required according to the different business needs.

Product Overview

Inventory Control
  • Metal Transaction (In/Out)
  • Barcode Generation
  • Point of Sales
  • Production / Consumption
  • Advance Receipt
  • Quantity Journal
  • Physical Stock
  • Metal Rate Master
  • Loose & Tagged Stock (with photograph).
  • Daily & Periodic Stock Summary.
  • Tags wise profit summary.
  • Mul.Stock sites(Branch).
Inventory Reports
  • Stock Summary
  • Daily Metal Transaction Summary
  • Making Charge Profit
  • Metal Account Statement
  • Metal Daily Transaction
  • Metal Purchase
  • Daily Sales Margin
  • Physical Stock
Financial Reports
  • Daily Cash book & Metal book.
  • Cash Control Branch wise.
  • Party Ledgers in various suitable formats.
  • Trial Balance Profit & Loss A/c, Balance Sheet. (with Qty)
  • Sale & Purchase Registers : Date Wise, Item Wise, Party Wise

Advanced Security

When you are dealing with jewelry and precious items, security is the king.

FALCON ERP Jewellery Management's security module allows you to fine tune your user's access to data and services so that they don't overstep their boundaries. You can also set the user's access to reports.

Security module highlights:

  • Users can only see what they are allowed to see and only work on services that they are allowed to.
  • Inventory movements are tracked by user.
  • System usage is tracked by user.
  • You can create groups to group users with similar privileges.
  • Fine tune your user's access to screens, service tools, etc.

Intelligent Reporting

Accurate and timely reports .

In the world of business management, accurate and timely reports can mean the difference between knowing what is going on in the business and acting on issues quickly and closing your doors. The FALCON ERP Jewellery Management reporting toolset allows you to use any of the predefined reports or even to create your own reports Reports highlights:

  • Over 50 real-time reports to chose from.
  • Creating your own reports.
  • Filtering of reports based on any number of criteria.
  • Export reports to Excel or print in PDF format.

“FALCON ERP Jewellery Management Point of Sale for its ease of use, advanced, feature rich facilities. “ It can be easily configured to fit your establishment.