"Inventory Control and Finance"

  Functional Modules

Manufacturing Lite Options

Designed to solve unique manufacturing challenges, FALCON ERP offers powerful tools, including

  • Product Conversion
  • Batch Conversion
  • Assembly or Kitting

Whether your assembly and fabrication processes are work center based, assembly line based, application based or a combination of many types, FALCON ERP software has industry-specific options for both continuous and batch production.

The majority of businesses with inventory will have to adjust the inventory quantity at some point. When selecting an ERP solution, it is important that the program be able to make physical inventory adjustments. FALCON ERP strives to make inventory adjustments as simple as possible. With the inventory adjustment feature, users can update physical inventory quantities by location and make any notes with all adjustments reflected instantly.

Common Issues

  • The inventory quantity in the books does not match the physical inventory quantity.
  • Errors occur when entering inventory quantities into the system.
  • Unable to edit inventory levels while in the warehouse.
  • Inventory is often lost, damaged, or returned to the wrong bin.
  • Many businesses find it is difficult to adjust physical inventory quantities in their respective programs.
  • Unable to create reports reflecting the current inventory after making an adjustment.