"Fleet Management System"

FALCON ERP Fleet Management

“ Flexibility without compromising stability or security. “

FALCON ERP Fleet Management is one of the most stable and robust fleet management software products available. No matter what kind of vehicles you have in your fleet (cars, vans, trucks or any combination thereof), or what size your fleet is, FALCON ERP Fleet Management offers a state-of-the-art IT solution that will take your business to the next level and allow you to focus on offering outstanding and wholesale service to your customers.

FALCON ERP Fleet Management software puts you firmly in the driving seat and enables you to achieve all this.

FALCON ERP Fleet Management is modular; each of the key functions of fleet management such as asset tracking, maintenance, licence, fuel and tyre management, has its own separate module, which can be integrated into an existing fleet management system, utilised as a standalone solution or supplied alongside other modules in theFALCON ERP Fleet Management solution to offer a complete end-to-end fleet management system. This feature also makes it easy to implement, cost-effective and totally scalable.

Seven reasons why you need FALCON ERP Fleet Management solutions:

  • Preserve the lifetime value of fleet assets.
  • Ensure vehicle reliability.
  • Minimise risks within your business.
  • Improve efficiency and productivity.
  • Reduce fleet costs and improves your return on your fleet assets.
  • Keep up to date with and adhere to compliance issues.
  • Flexibility without compromising stability or security.

More control

In a world characterized by rising costs, increasing complexity, constantly evolving standards and compliance issues, plus intensifying regulation (to say nothing of growing competition), we understand that you need fleet management software and solutions that put you firmly in the driving seat.

Flexibility without compromising stability or security.

Every fleet management company wants to preserve the lifetime value of vehicle assets, alongside ensuring that they are looked after so that they remain reliable and are available when needed. Every fleet business carries inherent risks within it and the way these risks are managed and minimised is critical. Being prepared is the starting point and to do that you need to have a complete overview of every business process, inter dependencies and where vulnerabilities lie. If you can improve efficiency, increased productivity will follow. If you can do all this with one, unified application on one platform, you will reduce fleet costs and get a better return on fleet assets.

Management, analysis and reporting at your fingertips.

FALCON ERP Fleet Management will work with vehicle leasing suppliers and fleet operators. We recognise how you fit into the value chain. FALCON ERP Fleet Management solutions will enhance your proposition and further your competitive advantage and service delivery.

Solution for fleet operators that puts you in control

Fleet based assets are a massive cost for all organisations. FALCON ERP Fleet Management can put you in control of your vehicle assets at all times, thus enabling you to reduce costs, focus on your core business, improve efficiency, enhance productivity, and deliver the customer satisfaction required. We enable you to get the best return on your fleet asset investment.

Accident management:

For anyone in the automotive sector, accident or incident management can be a stressful issue that needs to be handled sensitively, with utmost care, attention and accuracy. Your customers are relying on you to deliver that. You can rely on FALCON ERP Fleet Management to provide a robust, scalable and supremely dependable accident management software platform from which to operate your Accident Management or Incident Management outsourced business.

Your performance is dependent on the capabilities of your suppliers and your body repair network,which can only be enabled through timely and accurate reporting. Our solutions will put you in control of your service delivery.

FALCON ERP Fleet Management incident is a module within FALCON ERP Fleet Management that enables accident management companies to control costs and fulfill duty-of-care responsibilities for their customers. From logging the initial call, through managing the repair process, to handling the insurance claim, FALCON ERP Fleet Management incident delivers an all-encompassing accident management facility. It also automates much of the process, thus streamlining an otherwise complex task, alongside reducing costs associated with accident management.

Supreme reporting capability

Comprehensive management reporting capacity ensures you have all the information about the incident at your fingertips when required. FALCON ERP Fleet Management incident contains a communications module that enables you to engage with all stakeholders in the accident management process and deliver relevant and accurate data to all parties whenever you need to.

In the first instance, the module holds an overall record of the customer’s insurance details (with multiple profiles per customer if required). The incident logging process then captures data against the vehicle and driver, creates a claims form and sends all necessary paperwork to the customer, electronically.

It can also be used to hold details on and select one or more vehicle repairers. Supporting documentation and images (which may be legally required) can be stored digitally. Invoicing and claim handling systems ensure repairers are paid, customers recharged and costs reclaimed from insurers. It also tracks payment and follows up on third-party involvement.

FALCON ERP Fleet Management also helps fleet and leasing owners efficiently and effectively manage all transactions from initial quote and procurement through to de-fleet. It supports driver and non-returned sales management, vehicle movements, incident management, inspection, end-of-term cost recovery, reparation decision, pricing/valuation support, stock and sales management. Whilst doing all this, FALCON ERP Fleet Management also gives your customers visibility of their own fleet.