Middle East No.1 ERP Software for your Enterprise

FALCON ERP is a fully integrated business software designed to meet the business requirements of Enterprise, Medium and Small Business Companies. It is a sophisticated system which generates a variety of reports designed to give the Management effective control on finance and business activities, in particular.

FALCON ERP allows the planning and the management of the business activities: distribution, retail, production, constructions, services, etc.We have designed Module wise in order to be able to adapt flexibility to the different business necessities in a short time and minimizing the implementation costs.

Key Features

  • Accessing daily report without depending on anyone.
  • Access Local Support
  • Run on Single Solution
  • Reduce Costs , Reduce inventory, Increase Revenue
  • Improve Customer Relationships, Improve Efficiency
  • Ensuring that everyone in the organization is responsible and accountable.
  • Be Alert to Critical Information
  • Make Updates quickly and easily
  • Information can accessible to a user anywhere in the world
  • Lower costs
  • Uniform monitoring system for customer, suppliers, vendors and partners
  • Managing organized and streamlined business process - purchase, sales, inventory, billing, production, receipt, payment, and exports.
  • Powerful Reporting Tools
  • Easy to Use
  • Flexible and Adaptable
  • Standardize and speed up manufacturing processes
  • Comprehensive Functionality
  • Integrate customer order information
  • Integrate financial information
  • Linking branches, factory, sales, purchase, delivery, supply chain management spread across different geographical location at real time.

By developing FALCON ERP solutions that offer real business benefits and value to our customers, we have become one of the market-leading suppliers of financial,Inventory,Payroll and Business software.

Our expertise team will guide you through the entire process, from pre-sales consultation to installation, training and after-sales service and support. That way, we ensure our customers choose the FALCON ERP product that is right for their business, and that it will do exactly what they want it to do.

More Products

  • HR
  • CRM
  • Project
  • POS
  • Jewellery
  • Restaurant
  • Workshop
  • Property
  • Manufacturing
  • Document Management

The base platforms of the system are: Stocks management, Contracts management, Supplying, Distribution, Production planning and tracking, Construction estimates projects management, Sales, Warehouse management, Managerial, Financial, Accounting, Fixed assets.

FALCON ERP tightly integrates all its modules eliminating the need for your business to purchase multiple applications.  This integration gives you a very consistent look and feel and cuts the learning time down considerably.

Not only does FALCON ERP include all the major modules you would need to run your business, it can also be integrated with most external applications and be customized any way you want.

One of the major advantages of using FALCON ERP is the incredible user interface designed around our powerful ERP application. Tens of thousands of hours have gone into creating the best user interface on the market. This is a great benefit to our customers as they have a much easier time learning Vision and it reduces implementation and training.

With our users in mind, FALCON ERP has implemented the ability to change and save the layout of grids, columns of information and filtering and searching options. This will allow users to optimize their time which will increase productivity.

FALCON ERP is so easy to install, update and learn that it will save you time, money, training and setup.  Many of our customers said it took them half the amount of time to implement than their previous solution.

We are constantly innovating and enhancing FALCON ERP based on customer feedback. If our customer has a suggestion, we listen and often implement that suggestion in months rather than years like our competitors.