"Document Management System"

FALCON ERP Document Management System(DMS)

Simple, Elegant, Affordable

Capture, Manage, Search and Share Documents

FALCON ERP Document management is "the process of retrieving, sharing, tracking, revising, and distributing documents and the information they contain".

FALCON ERP DMS is an industry leading state-of-the art Windows-based Document Management Application that helps you store and track electronic documents and /or images of paper document. It helps to quickly create a centralized, searchable database of all your documents. Keep documents private or share them with other users on your network. It is designed to secure and manage the life cycle of documents, records, images, email, faxes or any other paper or electronic files you may have.

  • Quickly find documents and files
  • Convert paper into digital files
  • Increase productivity
  • Secure document access
  • Document version control
  • Smooth integration with existing FALCON ERP.

FALCON ERP DMS System, which is connected with FALCON ERP. It guarantees great flexibility as far as functionality, scalability.

FALCON ERP Document Management, if you want to manage documents of your company in an easy, comfortable and professional way - the FALCON ERP Document Management System is the perfect solution for you.

Why do we use FALCON DMS?:

  • Fully integrated with FALCON ERP.
  • Attach document images with almost all transactions screens.
  • Quick to implement & easy to use.
  • Upload document images from any client workstation.
  • Supports multiple file formats.
  • Scan multi-page documents
  • All files are safe & secure within the database.
  • No need to keep track of disparate document folders on your PCs & servers.
  • Multiple files and file types stored against each transaction.
  • Easy navigation.
  • Backup source documents.
  • Save documents storage costs.
  • Paperless office!.
  • Reprint Source documents.
  • Comprehensive document search.

Manage documents with FALCON ERP DMS:

  • Provide your employees with easy access to the appropriate documents of your enterprise
  • Store all versions of your documents in a free repository with a version control system - it will support immediate control of the change history of any object
  • Improve communication during team work on a specific document - each user, who participates in the workflow process of the document, will be always informed about the current status of the project and his current tasks
  • Raise efficiency of documentation processing
  • Add documents to your document management database
  • Shorten the time of finding necessary information – FALCON ERP DMS advanced search engine will enable your personnel to find immediately appropriate documents, users and groups.
  • Safely manage all of your documents - secure and free repository will protect your data from access of unauthorized users.
  • Provide your employees with simple document creating, sharing and enriching
  • Archive your company's documents with an easy to use archiving system
  • Publish documents in the appropriate hierarchy for your enterprise
  • Manage the life cycle of your documents - provide your company with a reliable way of documents review by using the FALCON ERP DMS workflow system
  • Be sure that none of your documents will disappear in a flood of correspondence – FALCON ERP DMS allows you for storing all documents in one free repository.


The FALCON ERP DMS supports both major and minor versioning of documents. When versions are tracked for lists, revisions to the items or files and their properties are stored. This enables better manage content as it is revised and even to restore/roll back a previous version. Also, version helps in history tracking.

Centralized management of electronic documents

Acts as software to capture, store securely, index, track and retrieve documents of Microsoft supported documents and also other non-supported ones.

Check in and Check out

Documents can be checked out to local systems and updated. The users cannot see the updated file until the document is checked in.

Document Properties

The information attached to your FALCON ERP DMS content that provides contextual clues to the subject, audience, and/or intent of your content. Gives added context for documents improves discoverability and helps in crawling, indexing and categorizing.

Advantages of FALCON ERP DMS:

  • Rich functionality, which enables not only for document management, but also supports team work
  • Dynamic development - due to free access to current FALCON ERP DMS updates and rich functionality, the software will always follow new market trends.
  • Scalability - the system does not lose sufficiency, even when its complexity grows.
  • Userfriendly Interface


  • Document life cycle management by establishing stages and tasks (from creation to archive)
  • Configuration of chains of users, who are responsible for completing tasks of established stages
  • Management of users, who participate in a document life cycle - establishing tasks, automatic e-mail notifications with the list of activities for each participant, possibility of controlling own tasks with a help of dashboards.