ERP for Construction Industry

While developing the FALCON ERP for Construction Industry, core functional areas such as Project Monitoring and Control, Sales Management, Tendering, Bill of Quantities, Purchase and Supplier Management, Material Management, Labour and Contractors Management, Accounts Management and Human Resource Management have been given extra care and prominence.

All activities right from pre-construction stage to post construction stage can be captured and monitored. Management can access and manage onsite activities from anywhere anytime. Independent Estimates can be generated for each task based on respective quantities. Estimating is facilitated by system prompted activities. All different activities can be defined as different assemblies. Associated with each assemblies are bill of quantities, labours, turn around time for completion.

Scheduling interface has been provided for estimates. Estimated schedule and actual activity of all tasks are made available at one screen. Resource Management takes in to account of all resources utilization, keeping track of materials, while Resource sheet lists activity with estimated quantity and rate for each item.

Resource and cash flow management depict planned versus actual utilization with drill-down variance analysis and warning alerts.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Comprehensive cost estimation while maintaining a detailed and reliable cost history centrally.
  • Estimation through the use of central libraries, historic cost records and time and materials worksheets.
  • Issue prime contracts, subcontracts, purchase orders, potential change orders, and change orders, then release these items to accounting for review, approval, and use.
  • Access subcontract and PO status, initial and revised totals, pending and approved changes, and amounts invoiced, retained and paid.
  • Access pre-designed reports and inquiries or design your own.
  • Readily configured Master tables and items for infrastructure projects (such as fixed asset types for construction equipment).
  • Creation of projects based on receipt of tenders and creation of tender responses.
  • Creation of budgets based on detailed BOQ-based project estimation.

FALCON ERP for Construction Industry solution focus on planning and execution of construction projects large or small, distributed or single-site. Our solutions allow you to manage information flows through every phase of a program or project-from planning and estimation, through procurement, project execution, and into operations and maintenance-all supported by powerful dashboards and reporting.