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  • .Multi-Location
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Al Muftah Computers 
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18 years of experience in ERP Software Field. We at Al Muftah Computers has stepped into the 18th successful year with more than 600 esteemed customers all over UAE.

FALCON ERP is a fully integrated business software designed to meet the business requirements of Enterprise, Medium and Small Business Companies. It is a sophisticated system which generates a variety of reports designed to give the Management effective control on finance and business activities, in particular.

Middle East No.1 ERP Software for your Enterprise



Fast Reliable   Affordable   Easy to Use   Highly Secure   Extensive Options   Locally Developed   Customizable Easy to Implement.

Through years of input and direct interaction with end users / brainstorming sessions, this software has been developed into an extremely effective and versatile tool, catering to the needs of diverse businesses.
It is a tailor made system locally developed and can be modified according to the line of business and the requirements of the end-user.
The growing number of our clients bears testimony to the efficiency of our software and excellent after-sales-service / consultancy provided by a team of qualified professionals.

FALCON ERP Standard Module contained Inventory & Financial Module. All other Modules can integrate according to your needs.

Your business will grow with FALCON ERP.

Inventory Management

Store Good Receipt/Return
Purchase Invoice/Return
Sales Order
Delivery Note /Return
Stock Reserve
Cash & Credit Invoice /Return
Stock Issue
Location Transfer
Branch Transfer
Non-Inventory Purchase/Sales
Physical Stock
Product Convert

Finance Management
Cheque Receipt
Cheque Payment
Cash Receipt
Cash Payment
Journal Voucher
Credit Note
Debit Note
Inter-Branch JV
Bank Reconciliation
Letter of Credit
Trust Receipt
Cheque Dis-Honour
Post Dated Cheque Control
Balance Apply Option
Credit Card Control

Personnel & Payroll
Personnel Master
Payroll Master
Attendance Register
Monthly Salary
Monthly Posting
Leave Register
Salary Increment
Salary Increment Approval
Employ Branch Transfer
Employee Payments
PRO Expense Entry
WPS Generation
Employ Self Service PAD
PRO Document Process

Fixed Asset Management
Asset Master
Asset Type Master
Asset Classification
Asset Custodian
Asset Tracking
Asset Extra Specification
Service History
Loan /Insurance History
Tyre Management
Vehicle Management
Asset Addition
Asset Split
Sales of Fixed Asset
Disposal of Fixed Asset
Asset Branch Transfer
Re-Valuation of Asset
Monthly Deprecation Posting

Work Center Master
Workers Master
Machine Masters
Stage Masters
Trade Rate Master
Product Configuration
BOM Components
BOM Outputs
Job Order
Requisition & Reserve
Job Release
Job Traveler
Material Issue/Return
Job/ Labour Tracking
Job Receipts

Job Costing
Job ID Master
Job Account Setup
Mob Classification
Mob Master
Job Allocation in
Cheuque Payment
Cash Payment
Journal Voucher
Debits Notes
Job Ledger Report
Job-wise Analysis
Month-wise Job Analysis
Month-wise Job Report
Job Account Movement


Contact Master
Tele-Marketing Contacts
Schedule a Meetings
Schedule a Task
Sales Literature
Sales Order
Trouble ticket (Support)
Service Contracts
Knowledge Base
Detailed Dash Board
Price Book
My Sites
Letter Gallery

Add Documents
Digital Fax
My Documents
Detailed Dash Board
Add Folder
Bulk Upload
Bulk Download
Event Viewer
User Master
Security Management
Workflow Setup
Document Storage Setups
FALCON Modules Integrations
Scanner Integration
Easy Search & Find


POS Monitor
Point of Sales Screen
Payment Cash/Credit Card
Multi-Qty Option
Hold-Order Option
Exchange Item
Recall Order
Price Enquiry
Barcode Generation
Product Code with Auto-ID
Teller ID
POS User
POS Admin
Upload Product to POS
Daily Upload to Server


Restaurant Management
Table Setup
Customer Setup
Discount Setup
Surcharge Setup
Menu Group
Menu Items
Menu Modifiers
Forced Modifiers
Menu Item Prices
Menu Recipe
User Access
Dine In
Take Out
Drive Thru
Delivery Status

Jewellery Management
Daily Rate Master
Transaction Type
Metal Purchase
Direct /Un-Fix/Exchange/Receipt
Metal Sales
Barcode Generation
Point of Sales (POS)
with Metal Exchange
Loyalty point Option
Advance Receipt
Quantity Journal
Physical Stock
Credit Card Posting
Metal Movement and Stock
Supplier-wise Metal unfix

Workshop Management
Workshop Dash Board
Vehicle Problem entry
Work Order
Work Order Invoice
Material Issue /Receipt
Search through
Vehicle Number
Customer/Client ID
Telephone Number
Previous Job History
Next Service Alert
Job-wise Worker Allocation


E-Mail Management
Server Based E-Mail Control
No Internet Connection for Client
Un-Limited User Setup
Un-Limited Account Setup
File Size Limiting Option
User Name/Password Secure
Unauthorized Access Denied
Special Client Software 
Copies will Save In Server

Each Location Un-Limited Bin
Product Creation with Bin Option
Bin-Transfer Option
Product Lookups with Bin
Bin-wise Physical Counting
Same Bin Un-Limited Products
Bin-wise Stock Movement
Bin-wise Stock Valuation

Debtor/Creditors Bank Details
Shipment Tracking
Payment Schedule
Advance Payment /Receipt
Database Mirror Selection
Material Requisition & Approval
Purchase Requisition & Approval
Goods in Transit & Return
L/C Outward Module